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KnifeBird is a freak of nature that even science can not explain. Transform from a knife to a bird, and back again to over come obstaces and reach your goal in this maze running gaming.

The knife form is fast and can break through certain walls, but it can not change direction.

The bird form is slower and cannot break through obstacles but it allows for free movement.

You must utilize both forms to make it thought the levels.


Up Arrow - Restart

Down Arrow - Transform

Left/Right Arrows - Change direction


Michel Spencer - Asset Producer - michael.spencer1120@gmail.com

Camden Spiewak - Programmer - probecc@sunyit.edu

Charles Probeck - Programmer - spiewac@sunyit.edu

Minimum Specs: A computer designed this century

This project is still in development. We plan to add a home screen and instructions page for starters. From there we will create more coherent levels and possibly some interchangable bird/knife combonations


KnifeBird.exe 2 MB

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